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Gary's Gutter Replacement Services

Replacing your gutters can increase your homes overall value and uplift the look of your home. All of replacement gutters are custom made on-site. All corners are hand mitered to reduce the number of seams in the gutter. The fewer seams in the gutter system the fewer possibilities for leaks.

Gutter Removal – Gary’s Gutter Service can carefully remove and dispose of your old gutters.

Replacement of Fascia Board – Gary’s Gutter Service can install new fascia board if needed. The fascia board is the long wooden board behind the gutters on your home that serves to hide the rafter tails and a mount for the gutters. If the fascia board is damaged or rotten it is important to replace this before installing new gutters to provide stability for the gutters and prevent the roof from deteriorating.

Replacing Gutter Flashing – Gary’s Gutter Service can install flashing for you. It is a thin piece of metal that draws water from the roof-line into the gutter system. Flashing will prevent water from running behind the gutters and causing water damage.

Replacement of Gutter Screens to Keep Out Debris

Gutter screens are essential in keeping pine needles, leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your gutter system, so it is operating at the highest efficiency. Gutter screens virtually take all the maintenance out of cleaning the gutters by keeping the gutters clear of leaves and debris. There are several options to choose from.

  • Real Gutter Cover 5” & 6” white, black, or mill finish
  • EZ Lock Gutter Screen 5” & 6” micro and small
  • Leaf Exterminator Guard 5” & 6” white and black
  • EZ Lock Micro Mesh Screen 5” & 6”