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Gutter Types

The purpose of a gutter system on a home or commercial building is to protect it from storm and rainwater. Gutters divert the rainwater away from your foundation and home. The gutters carry the rain from the roof to the ground. A proper gutter system is essential to the home’s structural well-being, especially in the Northwest.  Gutters are the most neglected area on a home; however, a proper gutter system can save you a substantial amount of money down the road with proper installation and maintenance. By maintaining the gutters on your home, the water will not collect in unwanted areas causing the roof and fascia to deteriorate. The gutters and downspout system will keep water off your siding and away from your foundation protecting your home from serious water damage and protecting your investment. Gary’s Gutter Service “The gutter professionals since 1977”

5” & 6” K Gutter

The 5” K gutter is the most common gutter style on residential homes. It’s also known as the Ogee gutter and resembles crown molding. The K gutter will add a stylish appearance to the exterior of your home.  Gary’s Gutter Service also offers this same profile for larger homes and commercial building in the 6” K gutter. 

Click Here for the gutter color chart from Custom-Bilt Metals

5” Curved Fascia Gutter

The Curved Fascia gutter is a stylish alternative to traditional K style gutters with clean architectural lines. The curved face of this gutter would complement any home or commercial building. The Curved Fascia gutter is very popular with contractors and would look great on your project too. Curved Fascia gutters can be installed without Fascia board.

Click Here for the gutter color chart from Custom-Bilt Metals

S-Line Gutter

The S-Line gutter is a modern style of gutter with straight lines and very elegant that would complement modern or contemporary homes.

Click Here for the gutter color chart from Custom-Bilt Metals

5” & 6” Half Round Gutter

The 5” or 6” Half-Round gutter has a smooth rounded shape that will complement your home or building while providing a historical look. However, the rounded shape can also be a good match for modern homes. The 5” & 6” Half-Round gutter is also exceptionally functional and would enhance the appearance of any project.

Click Here for the gutter color chart from Custom-Bilt Metals

Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are essential in keeping pine needles, leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your gutter system, so it is operating at the highest efficiency.  Gutter screens virtually take all the maintenance out of cleaning the gutters by keeping the gutters clear of leaves and debris. There are several options to choose from.

Real Gutter Cover 5” & 6” white, black, or mill finish

EZ Lock Gutter Screen 5” & 6” micro and small

Leaf Exterminator Guard 5” & 6” white and black

EZ Lock Micro Mesh Screen 5” & 6”

Manufacturers lifetime warranty on steel and 40-year warranty on aluminum.

2-year warranty on workmanship.

We offer the following material:

  • Pre-painted galvanized steel in 24 or 26 gauge
  • Pre-painted aluminum in .027 or .032 gauge
  • Copper gutter systems

Gary’s Gutter Service uses hidden hangers every 2’ although spikes and ferrules are available upon request.  

32 colors to choose from Satin White to Weathered Bronze. The color is a baked-on enamel finish.

Gutter Accessories – Conveniently Sold in Our Office

  • Custom gutter run-outs
  • Downspouts and elbows
  • Hidden Hangers or spikes and ferrules
  • End-caps
  • Gutter Screens
  • Outlets
  • Gutter Wedges
  • Sealant
  • Pipe cleats
  • Clean-out Boxes
  • Splash Block
  • Rain Barrels
  • Rain Chain